Sweet Elite Junior Tennis Program: 

Junior Program

Monday thru Thursday, 5:00-6:30 pm, Ages 7 and up
$200 per month, $130 per half month

This program is open for Beginner, Intermediate, ZAT, Championship and Super Championship level players. Practices will include conditioning, stroke development, match strategy, drills and situational hitting for singles and doubles.

Beginner: Kids who are just getting starting out with tennis, basic grips and strokes, scoring, fun games, racquet skills, and eye/hand coordination are the order of the day. The instructors keep them busy, quite a lot is learned as everything is new. Before long they will be rallying back and forth, and showing off their serve.

Intermediate: Are juniors with little or no tournament experience, but can hit the ball back and forth. They have a basic understanding of strokes, scoring, spins, and styles of plays. The emphasis here is on solidifying strokes and competitive gaming experience. Players are encouraged to play the Junior Gran Prix fun tournaments, SWCC events, and eventually USTA ZAT tournaments. This group is sometimes broken up into upper and lower groups with older juniors apart from younger kids.

Academy Program

Monday thru Thursday, 5:00-7:00 pm, Ages 7 and up
$250 per month, $150 per half month

Lower ZAT: These players are just starting to play USTA ZAT tournaments. They are inexperienced in tournaments participation, have obvious strengths and weakness, and possess styles that are less versatile then players in the upper level ZAT group. Through tournaments and training, we try to develop their strokes, strategies, maturity, and conditioning to get them to become a solid player and move up the ranks.

Upper level ZAT: This group is made up of kids that have been playing USTA ZAT tournaments. They are experienced tournament players, have ZAT points thru matches won, but yet to qualify for championship level. This group works to develop winning strategies, work on any weakness, maintain a high fitness level, and get to the championship level.

Championship/Super Championship: These players are participating in USTA tournaments and have qualified for these levels. These players are state ranked, very experienced, highly motivated, and have a very strong game. The goal in this group is to continue to develop their game and advance in the rankings.

SUPERS September 2016

CHAMPS September 2016

CHALLENGER September 2016