The Sweetwater Tennis Association exists for the purpose of promoting good fellowship among its members and encouraging participation in all tennis leagues and activities of the STA and Sweetwater Country Club. Specifically, the STA organizes and sponsors a number of tennis play dates/tournaments throughout the year. Some of these functions are exclusively for STA members and others are open to guests as well. Most of these events include breakfast, lunch or snacks, door prizes and appropriately themed favors. ALL are designed for maximum fun!!  A typical year's schedule would include: 

Sweetwater Ladies Tennis Association (SLTA) events:
  • Valentine's Day Play Date
  • Ladies Night Out - an evening event with dinner served
  • Killer Camps - players rotate to a number of different courts on which there are pros drilling on a variety of tennis fundamentals/skills
  • Witches Open - a fun tournament. Play with a partner in full costume. Lunch is served. Costume prizes as well as tennis trophies for performance.

Sweetwater Men's Tennis Association (SMTA) events:
  • Men's playdays vs. the area clubs
  • Singles and doubles tournaments

Sweetwater Junior Tennis Association (SJTA) events:

For kids ages 7-18 we offer a grand prix circuit that is free of charge, with an end of the year party for all the participants.

Dues are $50 per year.