Sweetwater Country Club Activities

The purpose of the activities we offer is to allow children and adults to come play some family sports and meet your fellow Members. Nigel Washington our Activities Director will run the events and make sure that everyone has a great time. Here is a bit more information on the activities we offer this month.

Flag Football:
One of most popular activities is flag football. Each Sunday, we meet on the grass field at the front of the Club at 3pm. We break everyone up into two teams and play. We make sure everyone gets a chance to rotate positions during the game. The goal is to try to get at least two games in each week.

Pickle ball:
Pickle Ball is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. If you haven’t played or just looking for a new sport to try out, come join us Thursday night at 7pm on the basketball court. Pickle Ball is a cross of Tennis, Ping Pong, and Racquetball. The ball is a bit larger than a tennis ball and it still has a quick pace to the game. This is a great for the entire family.

Our basketball night is broken up in to three parts. First from 5-6pm we have a skills clinic for all kids under the age of 12. Followed by our 13 and up from 7-8pm open full court basketball games.
Open play, we will break everyone up in to teams and play basketball, we switch up the game often to give everyone time to play and meet as many people as possible.
In the clinic, Nigel will help improve everything from dribbling to tips on shooting the ball.

Family Nights:
On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday we will be offering family activities. The goal is to have the family come out and enjoy some activities together and meet other families at the Club. Some of the family activities we offer are: Soccer, Dodge ball, Floor hockey, and many more.